Procurement Services

A huge part of Accelerates service is supporting an ever-growing client base. Using our dedicated helpdesk team, we can source a range of products and services, anything from providing you a quotation on Toilet Rolls to providing emergency Flood response. Whatever our clients’ needs are, we at Accelerate are only too happy to help.

Examples of procurement tasks/ projects undertaken:

• Procurement and set up of Wimbledon style tennis court set up for a client’s business lounge
• Office Furniture & Décor
• Floral arrangements and desk displays
• External property glazing
• Replacement Marble Stone work
• Office Stationary Branded and Unbranded
• Out of hours flood response
• Dehumidifiers
• Washroom Accessories
• External and internal Signage
• Door locks, replacement shutters and external mail systems
• Automated swimming Pool cleaning machines
• Catering materials

procurement services